2020-21 State Finals


Upcoming State Competitions
This list will be updated as state competitions are announced.
For more information about a specific state competition, please contact the state coordinator.

Alabama   January 28, 2021  Alabama Center for Law and Civic Education VIRTUAL
California   February 6, 2021  Virtual
Connecticut   February 9, 2021  VIRTUAL
Florida   February 5, 2021  VIRTUAL
Hawaii   February 6, 2021  VIRTUAL
Kansas   February 15, 2021  Kansas State University VIRTUAL
Kentucky   January 21, 2021  VIRTUAL
Massachusetts   January 30, 2021  Massachusetts Center for Civic Education VIRTUAL
Nevada   February 6, 2021  Nevada Center for Civic Engagement VIRTUAL
New Jersey   January 27, 2021  Busch Campus Center VIRTUAL
New Mexico   January 22, 2021  Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School VIRTUAL
New York   January 23, 2021  Justice Resource Center VIRTUAL
Ohio   January 29, 2021  Ohio Center for Law Related Education VIRTUAL
Oregon   January 30, 2021  Clasrroom Law Projecct VIRTUAL
Rhode Island   February 6, 2021  John F Deering Middle School
Utah   February 11, 2021  Utah Law Related Education Virtual
Virginia   January 29, 2021  Virtual
Washington   January 23, 2021  Civic Education Washington State VIRTUAL







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