Partner Developed Materials

Policy Brief

Civitas Lessons on Democracy

The Civitas Lessons on Democracy are K-12 lessons developed by civic educators in the United States and other nations.

Policy Brief

Government and Civil Society Cooperation on Civic Education Policy: Experiences in the Americas

This policy brief features ideas and examples of government and civil society collaboration to develop civic education policy.

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Civic Voices

Civic Voices videos by students are included in Voices for Peace, a collection of resources that explores nonviolent strategies to effect social and political change, developed by AFT and its Civitas Eurasia partners.

Derechos Humanos

Project Citizen and Human Rights

Project Citizen and Human Rights is a set of Spanish-language curricular and teacher training materials developed by Civitas Latin America partners.



Co-operation Ireland developed the Civic-Link curricular program to enhance reconciliation efforts in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Policy Brief

Africa Lessons

The Africa Lessons teach students about the history, culture, and democracies of countries in West Africa.

active classes

Active Classroom

Active Classroom was developed by the Civitas Russia partnership as a practical guide for teachers who want to structure their civics classrooms as active learning environments.

Derechos Humanos

 Comparative Lessons

The Comparative Lessons on Democracy actively engage high school students in comparative analyses of the emerging democracies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Informe Regional 2015

Informe Regional 2015

A report on civic education in the Latin America region (in Spanish).


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