November 2017 Newsletter

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A New Ebook Platform, Chuck Quigley Writes on Freedom of Expression, We the People Alumna Wins Award, and More in This Month's Newsletter.

We the People High School Book Offered on Actively Learn Platform

The Center for Civic Education has launched a partnership with Actively Learn, offering an interactive edition of the We the People high school (Level 3) textbook. Actively Learn, an online literacy platform that helps teachers activate, support, and reveal student thinking, features a robust teacher interface, interactive exercises, notes and annotations, images and videos, accessibility, audio reading, a built-in dictionary, and translation to Spanish and many other languages. The middle school (Level 2) textbook will be available in January.

Schools can purchase the entire text or individual lessons. Try Actively Learn today with a free lesson on freedom of expression!

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Chuck Quigley Writes on Freedom of Expression for the Washington Times

Charles N. Quigley, the Center's executive director, shown here with former Chief Justice Warren Burger, writes on the importance of teaching freedom of expression in a Washington Times special section, The President and the Constitution, this month. "The burden of responsibility for the enlightening of our young people regarding the precious rights to freedom of expression they have inherited … lies with the dedicated teachers of our school systems."

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We the People Alumna Wins Public Service Award

"She genuinely believes that our country's future lies in educating young people about the Constitution." Grifan Cayce, a Tahoma High School We the People alumna, is the recipient of the Pro Bono and Public Service Award for the Washington State Bar Association's 2017 APEX Awards. This video is truly inspirational!

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Chuck Quigley Interviews Norman Ornstein on Congress

Center for Civic Education Executive Director Charles N. Quigley recently interviewed Norman Ornstein, a resident scholar with the American Enterprise Institute. The interview is part of the ten-part Strengthening Democracy in America video series, which will provide professional development for teachers of civics and government. Dr. Ornstein is one of the most prominent experts on Congress, has coauthored three books on Congress, and has served as a consultant for the award-winning comedy television series VEEP.

Quick Quiz! What must witnesses in congressional hearings submit to the congressional committee approximately two days before the hearing?

A. A sworn affidavit of citizenship
B. Results of a drug test
C. Written copies of their testimony
D. Two valid forms of identification

Read on to learn the answer!

Apply by March 15 for the American Lawyer's Alliance Law-Related Teacher of the Year Award

Applications are now being accepted for the American Lawyer's Alliance Law-Related Teacher of the Year Award! Nominate the teacher you know who goes above and beyond to develop programs that help promote an informed citizenry and enhance education related to the judicial and legal systems.

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Southern Nevada Holds Fourth Annual We the People Boot Camp

More than 300 students and 25 teachers attended a We the People Boot Camp in Nevada, becoming more comfortable with the hearing process and the question and answer sessions. They also got to practice connecting current events with the U.S. Constitution using social media, technology, and other research tools.

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QUIZ ANSWER: C. Written copies of their testimony

For more quizzes and learning opportunities, check out the 60-Second Civics podcast and daily civics quiz!

Mark Molli Meets with South African Founding Father Mac Maharaj

Mark J. Molli, associate director of the Center, recently attended the Albert Shanker Institute's conference, "Crisis of Democracy," in Washington D.C. He is shown in the photo with the South African revolutionary, Mac Maharaj, who was arrested and imprisoned on Robben Island for 12 years, where he smuggled out a draft of Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom. Mac Maharaj has been on the forefront of the struggle for democracy and freedom since 1953. Nelson Mandela wrote that "Mac is someone special … Mac willingly put his life on the line, not on many occasions but as each occasion demanded … (He) was one of South Africa's 'founding fathers.'"

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Robert Leming Speaks at Birmingham Seminar on Civil Rights

Robert Leming, director of the Center's We the People Programs, spoke at this year's Birmingham Seminar on Civil Rights. In his opening remarks, Leming honored those who fought for the cause of human rights. "We are here this weekend to honor those who were involved in the struggle, those who suffered discrimination, and those who given their lives for the cause … I am looking forward to this weekend with you, because I believe you are about love. You love your country, you love your families, you love your students, and you understand the importance of civic education."

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Alaska Teachers Participate in JMLP

Teachers met in Anchorage, Alaska, to participate in the James Madison Legacy Project (JMLP) professional development workshop. They learned strategies for teaching We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution to their students by role-playing a simulated congressional hearing and hearing from speakers, such as an Alaska Supreme Court Justice.

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The Lyceum Scholars Program at Clemson University

The Lyceum Scholars Program offers ten, $10,000 scholarships to incoming Clemson University freshmen. The program uses a "Great Books" approach to studying the history of liberty, the American Founding, and the idea of moral character.

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Shop to Support the Center for Civic Education This Holiday Season

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