June 2019 Newsletter

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Two Textbooks Coming This Summer, Conference to Be Held in Morocco, and More in This Month's Newsletter.

New Civics Textbook Coming Soon for Grades 3-5

Do you teach grades 3-5? The Center for Civic Education is publishing a new textbook for your students this summer: We the People: The Citizen & Democracy. In eleven compelling lessons, We the People: The Citizen & Democracy introduces students to the foundational ideas of American representative democracy. Table of Contents.

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Fourth Edition of We the People Level 1 Textbook to Be Released This Summer

A new fourth edition of the We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution Level 1 textbook for upper elementary students will be released in summer 2019. This completely updated edition contains new content and images. Table of Contents.

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In Memoriam: Margaret Stimmann Branson

Long-serving Center for Civic Education associate director Dr. Margaret Branson passed away on Wednesday, May 15. Dr. Branson made remarkable contributions to civic education in the United States and throughout the world. She was the author of numerous textbooks and professional articles. Dr. Branson was a principal researcher and author of We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution, the National Standards for Civics and Government, and many other works.

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33rd International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement

The 2020 International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement will be hosted by the Moroccan Center for Civic Education, our Civitas International Programs partner, on January 3-10, 2020, in Marrakech, Morocco. Presentation proposals are being accepted through June 15. Registration opens soon!

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Apartments Dedicated in Honor of Board President Pauline Weaver

Pauline Weaver, president of the Center for Civic Education Board of Directors, has been honored by Eden Housing with the opening of the new Pauline Weaver Senior Apartments in Fremont, California. Weaver has long been an advocate in her community for affordable housing in California.

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Quick Quiz! Who introduced a resolution to the Continental Congress on June 7, 1776, calling for a declaration of independence?

A. Benjamin Franklin
B. George Washington
C. Richard Henry Lee
D. Patrick Henry

Read on to learn the answer!

Sondra Cosgrove and Teacher Kathy Durham Win Jean Ford Democracy Award

Sondra Cosgrove, We the People scholar and judge, and We the People teacher Kathy Durham won this year's Jean Ford Democracy Award. The award, sponsored by the Advisory Committee on Participatory Democracy, is designed to honor Nevadans who have played a key role in promoting participatory democracy in the state.

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Summer Online Course: Educating for Informed & Equitable Voting

Teachers and schools play a large part in increasing students' engagement as citizens, voters, and participants in government. This is the premise of a new online course from the University of California, Riverside, starting June 17.

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Quiz Answer!

C. Richard Henry Lee

For more quizzes and learning opportunities, check out the 60-Second Civics podcast and daily civics quiz!

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