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Live on HCAM-TV, Youtube and Facebook: Hopkinton Hangout Hour - Mondays at 2pm and Wednesdays at 7pm, HCAM Sports Talk - Wednesdays at 3pm, HCAM News Live - Thursdays at 6:30pm! Civic education class underway at the Middlesex Jail & House of Correction contribute's picture by contributor 11 November, 2020 A new initiative aimed at enhancing civic engagement is now underway at the Middlesex Jail & House of Correction. Individuals, all of whom are participants in the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office emerging adults program, are taking part in a modified version of Project Citizen – an educational initiative that promotes competent and    Read more >

Pandemic highlights the need to invest in civic education


At a time of crushing financial strain on schools, businesses, families and individuals, the need for a well-functioning government could not be greater. Nor could the need for citizens to understand how the government should function. The July special session of the Nevada Legislature and the decision to initiate massive cuts in government spending proved particularly damaging to public higher education. However, now is not the time drain education funding. Nevada’s K-12 and higher education institutions train the next generation of responsible and participant citizens. For example, the Nevada Center for Civic Engagement (NCCE) at UNLV    Read more >

Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High School Honors Class of 2020


HIALEAH, FL — Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High School are honoring the Class of 2020 to coincide with the school's virtual graduation on June 9. The school is highlighting one student below who represents the achievements of the entire graduating class, Akil Cole. Akil Cole's drive and integrity set him apart. He has actively participated in student organizations, such as Model United Nations, Student Government/Student Council, and Project Citizen since his freshman year and he currently holds leadership positions in each. He led the Project Citizen team to develop public policy solutions to two growing    Read more >

Christopher R. Riano Appointed as the Next Executive Director of the Center for Civic Education


The Board of Directors for the Center for Civic Education is delighted to announce the appointment of Christopher R. Riano as the Center's next Executive Director. He will succeed Charles N. "Chuck" Quigley, who served as Executive Director of the Center's predecessor, the Committee on Civic Education, and most recently for the Center after it became an independent organization in 1981. "After an extensive public search and canvass of the Center's extraordinary network, and following the consideration of many highly qualified individuals, we are pleased to announce the selection of Christopher R. Riano," said Pauline Weaver, President of the    Read more >

Bedfordian wins 'Global Best Teacher Award' Using Project Citizen


A man from Bedford, who is now a headteacher in Chile, has won the English Speaking Union's (ESU) Global Best Teacher Award. David Massiah was shocked when the ESU President called him to tell him the news last week. He is the LAHC Executive Headteacher for Chile (Latin American Heads Conference) and Headteacher of Redland School, in Chile. In November, David was one of three country finalists for the National Best Teacher Award in Chile. All finalists from around the world were automatically registered for the ESU Global Best Teacher Award in London. After interviews, reviewing references and evidence by the central panel David was    Read more >

As a Project Citizen effort, 5k at Myer Creek Park brings in money for park improvements


McLean County Middle School’s Young Leaders in Action group, along with McLean County 4-H, hosted a 5K at Myer Creek Park on Saturday to raise funds for the park’s sewer project. While the Young Leaders in Action had to work in a tight time-frame, according to middle school teacher Christin Crabtree, the 5k was a success with 31 runners signed up at a head, raising a total of 5 for the park from runners alone. Crabtree said several community members also donated to the efforts. The group organized the 5k as part of “Project Citizen,” which required the five students to find a community problem and come up with potential    Read more >

Letter: End daylight saving


Print article I am an eighth grader at Gruening Middle School. This year, my social studies class is taking part in a program called Project Citizen. During Project Citizen, each class is asked to identify a major issue in Alaska, brainstorm a solution and its alternatives, and ultimately create a public policy. This program engages students in the process of public policy and gives them an opportunity to make a change where they live. My class chose Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as our Project Citizen issue. SAD is a type of depression that is influenced by the changing seasons. Due to the long, dark winters, this condition affects    Read more >

Upthegrove awards Martin Luther King Medal of Distinguished Service to Kathy Hand


King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove on Tuesday awarded Burien resident Kathy Hand with the Martin Luther King Medal of Distinguished Service, an award that recognizes individuals whose work has answered the question asked by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “What are you doing for others?” For more than 30 years, Kathy Hand has been empowering youth with the civic skills to keep democracy healthy as Executive Director of Civic Education Washington State. The nonprofit administers critically acclaimed curriculum, teacher training, and community-based programs including the “We the People” and “Project Citizen” programs, which    Read more >

5K to Take Place at Myer Creek Park


McLean County Middle School’s Young Leaders in Action group, along with McLean 4-H are planning a 5K at Myer Creek Park to help raise funds for the park’s sewer line project. Eighth grade teacher Christin Crabtree approached the Myer Creek Park board about hosting the event at the board’s regular meeting on Monday.She said the group’s efforts are a part of “Project Citizen.” Five eighth graders have been charged with finding a problem in the community, come up with solutions and then create an action pan to put their solutions to the test. The students, she said, really love Myer Creek Park and want to see it grow. After speaking    Read more >

Madison High School students present 'Project Citizen'


REXBURG – Ten Madison High School seniors presented their “Project Citizen” reports on Tuesday. The projects require students to find a topic, pinpoint problems surrounding it and to come up with solutions to fix the problem. To begin with, Adesyn Furman, Cayden Lords, James Bunnell, Elyana Lords and Jacob Andersen presented the project “There’s Snow Way Out.” "I'd like to ask every one, 'How many of you injured yourself or know someone who's been injured in a weather related incident. There's a lot of you out there (who have)," said Bunnell. Bunnell reported that on the average, one million Americans have been injured in such    Read more >

Tricia Zunker meets with students as part of ‘Project Citizen’


WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) -- Tricia Zunker meets with a group of middle school students as part of their 'Project Citizen' group. Tricia Zunker is an associate justice of the Ho-Chunk Supreme Court and member of the Wausau School Board who is running for Congress. She met with students at Horace Mann Middle School. The students are part of a group that engages students in developing public policy in their communities. "You never know who you're inspiring; it's important to plant seeds in our youth. I know what a difference that made for me and I feel an obligation and a duty to give back," Zunker said. Zunker faces Lawrence Dale in the primary    Read more >

York environmental group offering 50 free bins to boost composting


YORK -- Residents continue to push for environmental best practices and look toward a green future. A new initiative spearheaded by local environmental group York Ready for 100%, a nonprofit that advocates for clean energy and sustainability, hopes to bring composting and improved recycling to York residents. The group has created a new division of its organization: Waste Reduction and Diversion, or WRAD. WRAD’s mission centers around three main tenets: increasing local composting, streamlining and improving best recycling practices, and eliminating single-use plastics in York. WRAD is implementing a new program with a call to action:    Read more >

2019 Was A Tumultuous Year For Harwich


It was a tumultuous year for Harwich, with Mother Nature firing a tornado across its boughs in July and political winds eroding the foundation of its government. The costs associated with the town’s comprehensive wastewater management plan also overwhelmed town officials and taxpayers. But there was also a little sunlight through the clouds with the announcement by Standard and Poor that the town’s financial condition was deserving of a AAA bond rating, which will offset borrowing costs, including for major debt associated with wastewater infrastructure. The people of Harwich also demonstrated they can come together in a leadership    Read more >

Paisley Teacher Wins Oregon Civics Award


A local Lake County teacher has won a prestigious teaching award in the State of Oregon. Courtney Wertz, who teaches middle school and high school English/Social Sciences at Paisley High School, has won the 2019-2020 Civic Educator of the Year through the Classroom Law Project. The award was presented by Oregon Chief Justice Martha Walters at the 2019 Oregon Civics Conference for Teachers in Salem on Friday, Dec. 6. The award is given to one teacher each year that has demonstrated a distinguished career in teaching Civic Education to students. Wertz grew up in the Willamette Valley area. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the    Read more >

Delhi school events: Ramjas students take part in Project Citizen


Project Citizen The students of Ramjas School, RK Puram, took part in Project Citizen, a project-based learning programme. Students conducted research on problems and created proposals for the government to address them. Class 9 students worked on the theme Importance of Health and Fitness. The topic was relevant as many students have sedentary lifestyles and eat junk food. The project had three parts: Yoga, physical exercise and healthyeating habits. They conducted research on Food adulteration, Obsession for fitness in adolescents and Time to revamp health and fitness in schools.They analysed the problem, studied existing government    Read more >

Schools are failing our students: No time for Project Citizen


After changes to course scheduling over the last two years, I refuse to call the school district‘s middle schools by that name anymore. What we used to call a middle school is now a junior high. Students in junior high schools are receiving an estimated 1,925 minutes less instruction time per year in math, language arts, science and other core subjects than high school students. That totals 96 hours of lost math, English and science instruction each year. Junior high school faculty teach 50-70 more students while receiving 14 days less prep time, lunch time, and collaborative time than their high school counterparts each year. High school    Read more >

All about the importance of public policy


public policy (noun): government policies that affect the whole population Public policy is not something everyone thinks about but is very important in how our society is managed. The Center for Civic Education defines specific attributes of public policy that help to expand on the above basic definition: ¯Policy is made in response to some sort of issue or problem that requires attention. Policy is what the government chooses to do (actual) or not do (implied) about a particular issue or problem. ¯Policy might take the form of law, regulation, or the set of all the laws and regulations that govern a particular issue or problem. ¯Policy    Read more >

Gannett Foundation awards ,000 to Nevada nonprofit that teaches civic engagement


A Northern Nevada organization dedicated to teaching students the value of civic engagement has been awarded ,000 from the Gannett Foundation's A Community Thrives grant program. The grant was awarded to the Nevada Center for Civic Engagement. The money will go toward growing the nonprofit's We the People program, which teaches Constitutional law, history and the concepts of the Constitution to fifth-grade, seventh-grade and high school-aged students through interactive curriculum. Roughly 70 elementary schools, 15 middle schools and 45 high schools participate in the We the People program. Marc Picker, co-president of the Nevada Center    Read more >

Monomoy teams win civics project awards


CHATHAM — Four teams of Monomoy Regional High School students won awards for civics projects, from banning straws to advocating for shark safety measures, at the Project Citizen showcase May 31 in Boston. Silver E-block’s presentation advocating for shark detection buoys and trauma training won the environmental project award, and Blue G-block’s presentation on banning plastic straws — which successfully argued for articles at the Chatham and Harwich town meetings — won the best hearing award. Silver B-block won best portfolio award for a presentation on plastic pollution in the ocean. Blue E-block was awarded the humanitarian    Read more >

Monomoy Civics Students Earn Honors at Project Citizen Showcase


Monomoy Regional High School sent four teams of 8th-grade students to compete at the Project Citizen state showcase on May 31, 2019. The projects were completed as part of the 8th grade civics curriculum. Each of the eight civics classes at MRHS completed a project and presented it before judges and peers in school during the week of May 13-17. Two groups each from the Blue and Silver teams were chosen to participate in the state showcase in Boston. At the state showcase, all four teams won awards. Silver E-block's presentation on Shark Safety (advocating for detection buoys and trauma training) won the Environmental Project award. Blue    Read more >

Project Citizen To Make A Difference


Two groups of sixth-graders from the Northport-East Northport School District presented their civic education projects for the Project Citizens Showcase at the NYC Bar Association in Manhattan on May 24. Presenting students Isabella Bica, Kailey Ciszek and Samantha Yolango from Northport Middle School and Anjolina Buttacoli, Lily Eagan and Kate Karp from East Northport Middle School completed this project within the district's Investigate program, which is a challenging enrichment program that emphasizes higher level thinking skills, problem solving activities and cooperative learning techniques. For this semester-long project, students were    Read more >

COMMUNITY VOICES: What does government really do for us? Through Project Citizen, students demonstrate


My opening activity for senior government classes has always been an attitudinal survey. I want to know what they think about government. Working in small groups, I ask students to make a list of every example of government in their lives. Then, I ask them to label these interactions with positive and negative signs. The results are always papers filled with negatives. To my dismay students show little understanding of the “social contract,” the relationship between government and citizens; instead, their attitudes were much more akin to the man who, during the ACA debates, yelled out “keep government out of my Medicare!” What about    Read more >

8th grader paid off more than half of school district's K school lunch debt


The Austin Independent School District just got more than half of their school lunch debt paid, and it's all thanks to the effort of an Austin eighth-grader. On Thursday, Ben Hofer presented a check to AISD for ,000 in funds raised through a Go Fund Me he created in January. "I always thought lunch was something you just did every single day and you got it no matter what because you paid for lunch at the beginning of the year," Hofer explained, adding that this is how he knows it works at his school, St. Andrews Episcopal. "Then I realized some kids at some public schools get lunch some days and not other days." Though AISD still    Read more >

Eighth-grader’s project takes bite out of Austin school lunch debt


A 14-year-old Austin student is raising money to wipe out lunch debt in Austin district schools. Ben Hofer, an eighth grader at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, decided to tackle the lunch debt for three Austin district campuses for a school service project, Project Citizen. The original goal for his semester-long “LunchCounts!“project was to raise ,200 to pay off the lunch debts at Akins High, Parades Middle School and Blazier Elementary, because the campuses had among the highest balances in the Austin district. But Ben exceeded the amount and now is trying to reach ,000 to help pay off the debts at more schools. “I can see how    Read more >

Monomoy Students Pitch Ban On Flavored Tobacco Products


Voters will be asked in the annual town meeting to approve a petitioned article to amend a board of health regulation to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products. The initiative is the work of Monomoy Regional High School students involved in Project Citizen. Project Citizen is part of the eighth grade civic curriculum in which identify social problems and propose means to address them. A couple of weeks ago Project Citizen students Declan Russell, Courteney Dery and Alexa Long stood before selectmen asking the board to endorse another petitioned article seeking to ban single-use plastic straws in town to reduce the amount of plastic    Read more >

Highland Park students consider how refugees survive, thrive


Sixth graders at Edgewood Middle School studied what it was like to be a refugee, a topic of particular resonance this year because many of them were displaced after Elm Place Middle School was closed. They read “Refugee” by Alan Gratz, which tells the stories of three young people uprooted from unsafe environments: A Jewish boy in 1930s Nazi Germany; a Cuban girl in 1994 and a Syrian boy in 2015. They thought about the fears and anxieties when entering an environment with a different culture and language — or where simply fitting in may be difficult. On April 5, the students presented their research, insights and suggestions to a guest    Read more >

Students lobby for law limiting use of straws and plastic bags in Newark


When freshman Leah Williams takes the bus to Newark Charter School each morning, she passes a plot of grass that is littered with plastic bags. “I know that possibly being able to reduce that number, even completely reduce it later on, that would be great, and I’d feel a lot better,” she said. Williams is one of several students at the high school who have been fighting for change in Newark – and, more broadly, the state of Delaware – by lobbying city and state officials to limit the use of single-use plastic straws and bags. They recently earned the support of the city’s Conservation Advisory Commission, and city council could    Read more >



A class of high schoolers are going beyond the walls of their school to make a difference. Students from Lafayette Jeff and Oakland are working on projects to change public policy issues. The project is through Purdue's national civic education program called "Project Citizen." Students spent the last two months creating a resolution to hot button issues within our community and world. Grant Fischer, the social studies teacher leading the students said his class of 15 have split into five groups of 3. The groups have been working on the their projects for the past two months. Issues of plastic bag pollution, teen pregnancy, concussions    Read more >

Sandema Sec/Tec wins NCCE Ghana Project Citizen Competition


Navrongo (UE), Dec. 3, GNA - The Sandema Senior High Technical School emerged victorious in this year’s National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) Project Citizen Showcase competition held for selected senior schools in the Upper East Region. It beat four other schools after amassing 58 points to take over the crown from the Bolgatanga Girls Senior High School (BOGISS) that won the competition last year. The Notre Dame Minor Seminary Senior High School in Navrongo, which hosted the competition, came second after securing 55.5 points while the third position went to Paga Senior High School with 41.7 points. Bolgatanga Senior High    Read more >

Presque Isle High School students to host candidates forum


The candidates running for state House and Senate and for county sheriff will share their ideas for governance at a forum hosted by Presque Isle High School students on Wednesday, Oct. 17. The candidate forum is part of Presque Isle High School’s civics class Project Citizen curriculum, said Zachary Powers, chair of the social studies department at the high school. The forum will be held starting at 5:30 p.m. at the Presque Isle Middle School Auditorium. The first such forum organized through PIHS was held in 2016 and “was warmly received by the candidates and community as it was the only venue that political candidates had been given    Read more >

Springfield Project Citizen students tackle politics, speak with local leaders


Springfield City students recently had an opportunity to speak with public officials and present to them projects exploring how they can make the city, state and country a better place. The students took on Project Citizen, a learning experience that allows students to dive into local politics and learn more about both sides of the issues. It is also a tool to teach them that they can make a difference, government teacher Scott Hambrick said. “I am big on citizenship and civic participation,” he said. “I just want students to see that even at a young age, even though they are not voters, there are other ways and more influential ways    Read more >

Civics education belongs in all school grades


My position will be to encourage civic education for students throughout all grades. Most important, high school students can engage in civics through a program called “We the People.” This civics based program has been in existence since 1987. It is administered by the Center for Civic Education in Calabasas, Calif., and locally by the N.H. Bar Association in Concord, N.H. The We the People program promotes civic competence and responsibility among the nation’s upper elementary and secondary students. The We the People curriculum is an innovative course of instruction on the history and principles of the United States constitutional    Read more >

Oak Grove Middle School Wins Civic Learning Award Read more:


Yearly, the California Department of Education acknowledges excellent public schools in California with the Civic Learning Award. Schools are awarded in one of three areas: Excellence, Distinction, and Merit. For the 2017-2018 school year, only one middle school in all of California was awarded the Civic Learning Award of Distinction, Oak Grove Middle School of the Jamul-Dulzura Union School District. Oak Grove Middle School, located in rural Jamul of San Diego County, won the award based on their Constitution-themed curriculum which is a required part of Social Studies class. The award is also a reflection of other programs Oak Grove offers    Read more >

Security study by Long Beach 3rd graders still significant as bond vote approaches


LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX Television) A massive study about school security in the Long Beach school district, that includes detailed solutions, is gaining momentum. However, it wasn’t done recently. The study blaring the warning sirens was done three years ago, not by a professional consulting company, but by third-graders. “It makes me feel very joyous and happy that me and my friends all did something that helps kids and adults in the future stay safe,” said student Eric Sutton. These soon-to-be sixth-grade students were among a class in the Reeves Elementary School Discovery Program who took on the project called Project Citizen. It    Read more >

Place-Based Education: Think Globally, Teach Locally


Sarah Anderson is Fieldwork and Place-Based Education Coordinator at the Cottonwood School of Civics and Science in Portland, Oregon, and author of Bringing School to Life: Place-Based Education Across the Curriculum, which features the Center's Project Citizen program. The school incorporates a local approach while also linking students to global issues. By guest blogger Sarah Anderson Globalization and technology have changed the world of education. Teachers must prepare their students for "global citizenship" by exposing them to current events and issues taking place around the world. At the same time, place-based education (PBE) is on    Read more >

Newark Charter students help amend Delaware law


When four Newark Charter School students saw video of a woman in Delaware City yelling at a man with a service animal in a restaurant, they didn’t expect to get a standing ovation at Legislative Hall in Dover a few months later. After rising 10th graders Jordyn Arrington, Makenzie “Kenzie” Golla, Genevieve Gore and Jasmin Rutter first saw the video – which made national headlines after going viral last fall – in their current events class, they decided to pursue the topic of service animals for Project Citizen, a national program that encourages citizenship and responsible participation in state and local government. Their school    Read more >

Roaring Fork High School students advocate for classes on financial literacy


Roaring Fork High School students Stefan Platzer and Xio Alvarez took matters into their own hands this past school year and created a project to present to the Roaring Fork School Board for their Project Citizen assignment. Project Citizen encourages high school students to get involved in community government and address a local problem. Platzer and fellow RFHS junior Alvarez hope to convince the school board to make a financial literacy class mandatory for every high school junior. "We believe high school should teach us more life-important skills. In our opinion, one of the most important skills is basic financial management skills," they    Read more >



This article is accompanied by videos filmed by KEZI TV. Students in a U.S. and world history class at Roosevelt Middle School in Eugene, Oregon presented the findings from their recent gun control project Tuesday. Lawmakers, school board members, education leaders and business owners attended the presentation. The students studied several challenging policy issues throughout the term, including gun control, mental health and climate change. “After the events on Feb. 14 in Parkland Florida at Stonemason Douglas High School, we decided to go towards gun control as our topic,” student Will Borrevik said. “And so today we just finished    Read more >

YMS, Ridgeline Compete at State Project Citizen Competition


For the first time, Yelm Middle School went to the state competition for Project Citizen on May 19. The students worked hard all year long to put together a qualifying project that they could present at the capitol building. “There were six schools in the entire state of Washington that made it to the state level,” said YMS history teacher Cody Colt. “Ridgeline (Middle School) sent two teams and Yelm Middle School sent one.” When results came in, YMS ended up taking an excellence award, as did one of the teams Ridgeline sent, Colt said. While they didn’t win, their projects were considered “excellent” by the judges. “The    Read more >

Lake Mills City Council to Meet Tonight Regarding Project Citizen


The Lake Mills City Council will meet this evening beginning at 7pm by first holding a public hearing on an amendment of the current Fiscal Year budget. The council will then hear about two 7th grade project citizen classes on dog waste stations and the volleyball courts    Read more >

Thanks from Project Citizen


FAIRBANKS — Project Citizen values the support from the Chena Hot Springs Resort Management Board, Bernie Karl, Connie Parks-Karl and Event Manager Teresa Bowman of our 2018 Regional Showcase. Community judges provided thoughtful, challenging feedback to public policy proposals addressing taxation, Wi-Fi safety, environment, recreation and nutrition. Teachers from Randy Smith Middle, Tanana Middle and Unalakleet’s Frank Degnan Middle Schools facilitated policy-related research: La Verne Hutto, Giaana Eckenweiler, Julie Eberhardt, Brad Webster and Royce England. Judges included middle school educators, UAF School of Education and CNSM    Read more >

Elm Place students take on brain injuries in sports during Project Citizen


A class of sixth graders at Elm Place Middle School in Highland Park had just wrapped up their presentations on brain injuries and school sports during a mock legislative hearing May 11. It was time to field questions from a panel that included the mayor, the incoming school superintendent, a psychologist and a former high school teacher and coach. “Some communities are moving away from tackle football for young kids and moving into flag football,” prefaced John Gorleski, a retired Highland Park High School teacher and basketball coach. “Some would argue that flag football doesn’t adequately prepare a kid for high school football,    Read more >

YMS Students Receive City Support in Drug Awareness


On Tuesday, Yelm Middle School students gained the support of Yelm City Council through an official “Drug Awareness Day” proclamation to support their quest in tackling underage drug use through “Project Citizen.” Yelm Councilor Cody Colt, known as Mr. Colt to his seventh grade Washington State Government and History class at YMS, had his students find an issue in the Yelm community and develop a plan to address it. “They had to do all of the research on it themselves, they had to put teams together to come up with different ways of addressing this, they had to come up with a plan on how to solve this or create possible solutions    Read more >

Nature Park to get a makeover thanks to Madison High School Project Citizen


REXBURG – A Madison High School Project Citizen undertaking will spruce up the long neglected Nature Park. It all comes via efforts of high school students, Mallery Bailey, Kaylie Kirk, Sariah Owens, Katie Angell and Courtney Elliott, who suggest through their project, that the city may renovate the park at a cost of around jumi,500. In recent years, the park suffered from vandalism, pollution, overgrowth and neglect. At the behest of Mayor Jerry Merrill, the young women met with the city council on Wednesday where they presented several ways the park could be maintained on a continual basis. Earlier this month, Merrill had listened to the    Read more >

Class Teaches Students to Make a Difference


— There is a difference between being a resident of a community and a citizen of a community. A Lake Mills class is designed to teach students to be the latter of the two. The class started as an extracurricular activity known as Project Citizen, which was started by special education teacher Gary Irons about 20 years ago. After only two years, the program’s funding was cut, yet the school’s principal thought Project Citizen should continue. As a result, the program was brought into the seventh-grade classroom for all students.The class is on a rotation with two other classes — technology and health smart reach. For 15 days, one group    Read more >

Making a difference: students complete Project Citizen


ORANGE PARK – In an effort to learn about participation in local affairs, three groups of students at Orange Park Junior High presented their projects to both peers and teachers, as part of Project Citizen. An international organization that promotes participation in democracy at a young age, Project Citizen requires students to research and identify local issues, develop an alternative solution to correct the issue with the ultimate goal of presenting their project t a legislature at the local or state level for action. “The purpose of Project Citizen, is to make students understand the process of being an active citizen, a participant    Read more >

Students Tackle Underage Drug Use


Yelm Councilor Cody Colt, known as Mr. Colt to his seventh grade history class at Yelm Middle School, had his students present their resolution to prevent underage drug use at the skatepark to the Yelm City Council last Tuesday. The class has been working on “Project Citizen,” a program that adds to student knowledge, enhances skills, and deepens their understanding of how they can work together to make their community a better place, according to seventh grader Ben Carney. They were tasked to find a problem within the community and develop a plan to address the issue. “This is a project the students have been working on since October    Read more >

School board approves Project Citizen proposal to beautify L-D campus


A request made by students in Mary Caropino’s Lead-Deadwood Middle School seventh-grade Project Citizen classes was approved by the school board Feb. 12 and will result in campus beautification, come warmer weather this spring. Project citizen is a program designed for students to make changes in a school policy or a local policy. It allows students to understand how decisions are made at the school and local levels of government. “Project citizen helps students express their opinions, work with the school or local government agencies and work cooperatively with their peers,” Caroppino said. “Project Citizen also covers many of our    Read more >

Can the Parkland Survivors Inspire a New Focus on Civics Education?


The Marjory Stoneman Douglas students-turned-activists are fast becoming a powerful model of civic engagement for educators across the country. Survivors of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Fla., have taken to social media and TV, arguing eloquently for gun-control policies—and citing skills garnered from their Advanced Placement U.S. Government courses. They have successfully pressured major companies to drop their affiliations with the National Rifle Association and spurred thousands of students nationwide to draft petitions, plan walkouts, and start grassroots groups of their own. Now the example of their activism, coupled with an    Read more >

Atlantic City High Project Citizen student projects promote citizenship


Nabil Chowdhury and his classmates saw a problem with the cleanliness and safety of the bathrooms at Atlantic City High School and, through their history class’ Project Citizen assignment, they believe they have a solution. “Our bathroom has a lot of vandalism,” said Chowdhury, 15, of Atlantic City. So the group surveyed students from neighboring school districts on their bathrooms and how students are able to access them before deciding that a swipe card would be the best option. From schoolwide troubles to pervasive social issues, sophomores at Atlantic City High School were tasked with coming up with solutions to whatever issue they    Read more >

York High School students make ‘real world changes’


For York High School students of Advanced Political and Legal Studies, youth doesn’t limit the difference they are making in their community. Teacher Jeff Barry had his 30 students split into multiple sections at the school last Thursday and Friday, and conduct 20 to 30 minute group presentations of their research for Project Citizen. Barry’s Project Citizen is intended to promote civic participation through direct action. The students spent approximately 12 weeks working on their projects, beginning with identifying a concern or public policy issue in the local community. Students then had to research the issue, examine alternative    Read more >

Students Honor Veterans Through Mural


A KIMT 3 video news story reports that a two year class project has now turned into a special sight for students in north iowa. american flag mural-vo-1 lowerthird2line:students help bring patriotic mural to school lake mills, ia 7th graders at lake mills elementary school have the opportunity to participate in "project citizen" - which is an elective teaching students to get involved in their community by making an impact. after discovering they did not have many veterans displayed in their school - the class contacted the american legion and decided to create a patriotic mural. artist bubba sorensen was contacted and completed this    Read more >

Project Citizen: How Northport students are trying to get a sidewalk


PORT SAINT LUCIE — Northport seventh graders are working diligently on their very meaningful Project Citizen collaborations. Students are following the criteria for the projects by identifying a problem, gathering information, examining alternative policies, proposing and developing their own public policy and then developing an Action Plan. Northport instructors Thomas McDonald and Elizabeth Montilla, the critical thinking teacher, are collaborating to make sure that efficacy is evident in the very important projects. Students Clarousse Alfred, Duwyen Williams, John Riordan and Jose Rodriguez are passionate about getting sidewalks    Read more >

Lake Park Memorial Brings Peace To Loved Ones Of Flight 191 Victim


Over three decades ago, Edward Armenta, then 22 years old, was on the way to visit family in the Los Angeles area when he perished along with 272 others during the May 1979 American Airlines Flight 191 crash. After an engine separated from the plane and caused extensive damage, the jet plummeted into a field north of the airport just after takeoff. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the crash remains the deadliest recorded aviation incident in U.S. history. Next spring, nearly four decades after the accident, Armenta’s family will have a chance to remember him at the crash memorial located in Des Plaines’ Lake Park. A tree was planted at    Read more >

Instill in the youth Ghanaian cultural values


Bolgatanga, Dec 23, GNA - Miss Gladys Mariam Osman, the Deputy Director of Programmes of the National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) has called on parents and educational institutions to imbibe cultural values in the youth to know much about their socio-political environment "Positive values engender good character development for the well-being of a nation. The Commission holds the view that positive local values contribute significantly to national development and the success of democratic governance”, she said. She mentioned of the values that underpin progress and national development as; patriotism, discipline, honesty and    Read more >

Purdue program shows high school students how to develop community solutions


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Purdue’s College of Education is giving local high school students an opportunity to present solutions to community issues related to public policy. Project Citizen is a program by the James F. Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship and area high schools. It promotes student participation in local and state government and the exploration of public policy. This year, the Project Citizen event will feature students from Jefferson and Oakland high schools in Lafayette. The event will be held from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday (Dec. 6) in Stewart Center, Room 218AB. It is free and open to the public. As part of the    Read more >

Eighth-graders look for ways to improve time management


Project aims at real-world change When Lawn School teacher Maureen McGuirl asked her eighth-graders about their annual civics project, two of her three classes settled on similar topics. There’s no time like the present, they agreed. According to McGuirl, the middle schoolers in her social studies classes were having trouble maintaining a schedule, saying they were stressed for time as they balanced their homework and extracurricular activities. That’s why the two classes chose separate aspects of time management for their Project Citizen assignment, an annual civics lesson that was introduced to Lawn’s curriculum in 2003. McGuirl    Read more >

NCCE Seeks Active Citizenship


Madam Josephine Nkrumah, Chairperson, National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) has called on Ghanaians to support the Commission's efforts at promoting 'good and active citizenship.' She said that had become necessary because, 'society has become rife with indiscipline, corruption, apathy to civic responsibility, mediocrity and a host of many negative traits'. Madam Nkrumah who made the call at the 2017 Volta Regional Project Citizenship Showcase Competition among five Senior High Schools, noted that the 'thread' was negating lives daily and fast becoming part of national character and identity. She said the Commission with support from    Read more >

Ghana should focus priority on civic education


Deputy Chairman of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Mr. Samuel Asare Akuamoah, has underlined the need to focus priority effort on helping everybody to have better understanding of their civic responsibilities. He said it was the way forward to the get people to uphold national values - do the right things to protect the nation’s democracy and sustain it on the path of socio-economic progress. Mr. Akuamoah was speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on the sidelines of the Eastern Regional senior high schools (SHS) Project Citizen Showcase competition in Koforidua. The annual competition, organized by the NCCE is meant    Read more >

POJOSS Emerged Winners Of Ghanaian Project Citizen Showcase


Pope John Senior High and Junior Seminary School (POJOSS) scored 77.6 points to emerge winners of this year's Project Citizen Showcase competition in the Eastern Region. For this, they were presented with a plaque, five copies of the 1992 Constitution and would be representing the region at the national competition. Aburi Girls' SHS came second with 75.5 points and Ghana Senior High School (GHANASS) placed third with a score of 75.0 points. The fourth and fifth places were taken by Koforidua Secondary and Technical Senior High School (SECTECH) and Islamic Girls Senior High School having scored 74.5 and 69.5 points, respectively. The    Read more >

NCCE’s Project Citizen Program ends successfully in Central Region of Ghana


Cape Coast, Nov. 15, GNA - The St. Augustine’s College was adjudged winners of this year's Central Region Inter-Schools Project Citizen Competition held in Cape Coast on Tuesday. They beat four other schools, the Ghana National College, Aggrey Memorial Zion SHS, Academy of Christ the King and the Mfantsipim School in the keenly contested event to become champions. For their prize, they received a plaque and copies of the 1992 constitutions while all competing schools were also given copies of the constitution. For that feat, St. Augustine’s College would be representing the Region at the national “Project Citizen-Ghana” competition    Read more >

Students could teach a thing or two


It was both sad and ironic to see the reaction of Kern High School District board member Mike Williams to an opinion piece published recently in this paper. Sad because an official with oversight of a large education system should have more knowledge and restraint, and ironic because schools in Kern have been the recipients of many civic learning awards. In fact, our district is recognized both statewide and nationally as one that leads in the area of civic education. Several schools have received K-12 Civic Learning Awards from the state's chief justice, we have award winning We the People teams, and we host the largest Project Citizen    Read more >

GearUp Academy offers non-traditional high school experience and Project Citizen


GearUp Academy is gearing up for the upcoming school year. According to Executive Director Winston Stoody of Fenton, it is a non-traditional high school that provides opportunities for students to cultivate a growth mindset and develop the social and emotional skills needed to succeed. Located in the Ferris Wheel Building, 615 S. Saginaw St., Flint, the GearUp program balances academic curriculum with experiential training in recognizing opportunities, critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, and entrepreneurial thinking, said Stoody. Students in the program: ●earn their high school diplomas ●participate    Read more >

Mark Nolan Hill, music, and Project Citizen


Mark Nolan Hill of Highland Park is a surgeon, professor of surgery, environmentalist and the driving force behind Project Citizen at Elm Place Middle School. His garage band, Dr. Mark and the Sutures, has been together for the past 30 years.A: I paid my way through college and medical school as a wedding singer, but then became a closet rock and roller. My next door neighbor heard me play and in 1987 asked me to form a band for her block party. I gathered together friends who had music as a hobby. The police came because of a noise complaint, but I had taken out the appendix of the officer's son a week earlier so we didn't get arrested. Q:    Read more >

Two New Orleans charter schools walk a progressive path


Two New Orleans charter schools are wrestling with how to become more educationally progressive, and how to be as deeply politically progressive as they want. One started by valuing diversity; the other focused just on academics. For both, it's been a challenging and fruitful path. Collegiate Academies: "I want them to have everything that the most privileged families get" Praised by Oprah, Sci Academy was the very image of a New Orleans post-Katrina success story. Teenagers who sometimes arrived illiterate showed amazing growth. But there was a cost. Sci and its sister school Carver were so strict that families filed a federal civil    Read more >

‘Butterfly Project’ Recognized


HIGHLAND PARK – This years Elm Place School Project Citizen program,” The Doomed Butterly: Save the Monarch Butterfly Migration,” was recognized and featured at the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative (GLSLCI) Annual Meeting in June in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Sponsor Dr. Mark Nolan Hill of Highland Park will present a summary of the ceremony to the mayor and City Council at the July 10 City Council Meeting. The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative is a binational consortium of 130 member cities. It deals with the ecological issues of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River through the member cities Mayors (and/or    Read more >

South HS Project Citizen Presenters


South High School students Josh Hernandez, Meron Ippolito, Ibrahim Mozzawalla and Matt Almonte took part in the Project Citizen program under the guidance of Social Studies Teacher Peter Mastrota. They presented their work before an audience in May. According to the Center for Civic Education, Project Citizen participants work cooperatively to identify a public policy problem in their community. They then research the problem, evaluate alternative solutions, develop their own solution in the form of a public policy, and create a political action plan to enlist local or state authorities to adopt their proposed policy    Read more >

Glen Hills Middle School wins award for civic service


This is a 2.5 minute video that gives a great explanation in the voices of the teachers and students about the power of the Project Citizen program    Read more >

Kamiakin students receive Project Citizen award for policy recommendations


On May 20, seventh-grade Quest students from Katherine Enslein’s class at Kamiakin Middle School received the Best Oral Presentation award for their Project Citizen portfolio, which recommends employing full-time school resource officers at schools. The school was one of 14 in the state that participated in the event at the capitol. Students identify a problem in their community, research alternatives, propose a policy solution and develop an action plan. The event is organized by Washington State Legislature Civic Education. Volunteer judges include attorneys, sitting judges, journalists and council members    Read more >

Valley Stream students offer solutions for postwar veteran care


South High School held its annual Project Citizen hearing on May 24, during which juniors from Peter Mastrota’s Advanced Placement U.S. History class presented a detailed PowerPoint presentation petitioning the government to improve benefits for veterans    Read more >


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