• Project Citizen National Showcase to Be Held July 31 and August 1

    nationalshowcase 2014Project Citizen National Showcase to Be Held July 31 and August 1Project Citizen students around the country have been busy this school year finding public policy solutions to community problems ranging from plastic bags clogging our oceans to smoking in public parks. Exemplary portfolios are being evaluated this summer at the Project Citizen National Showcase in Calabasas, California.

  • Project Citizen Aligned to Common Core Standards

    commoncoreProject Citizen Aligned to Common Core
    Project Citizen is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies. These draft correlations were performed by the Maryland State Department of Education. The correlations are available for download here.

  • Project Citizen in Action

    pcinactionProject Citizen in Action
    Project Citizen students from across the nation are making an impact in their local communities and the media is taking notice. From public policy success stories about improving school lunch programs to water conservation, stay informed about Project Citizen news and updates here.

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